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It's Judith

Disney gal, hardcore foodie, Bible study enthusiast, psychology nerd, hopeless romantic, and importantly, A Passionate, Catholic, Jesus loving boss babe with a God-given fairytale to live out

Do more than just “move on”

Its time to ditch the sad songs and the silver sweats. Because we both know you deserve more than that. 


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Caramel skinned girlie from India, amateur ukelist (google it), Hardcore foodie, Bible study enthusiast, Writer. Psychology nerd. Hopeless romantic, Disney gal. Swiftie. Avant Garde sense of humor.  Precious daughter of the Most High. 

That’s me. Awesomeness and joy wrapped gloriously into one big breakfast burrito. Only it took a painful set of  break-ups & situationships for me to see how ABSOLUTELY STUNNING I really am. 

I made the choice to run to Jesus and accept his love, healing and salvation every time it got worse with my boy drama. I chose to capture sight of the fairytale that God has exclusively for me!

Now,  it’s your turn- Girl,  Jesus wants more for you than a painful and fruitless dating history. 

Jesus wants to heal your heart so that you can finally find your person & build a healthy, happy, God-centred relationship. He’s got a master plan waiting for you. Your life hasn’t ended. It’s just about to begin. Your fairytale adventure is now.


Learn the 5 steps I teach to attract a high-value Godly man who is *commitment ready* and loves you with a love that feels safe, warm and just like home

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Is this you?

I help Christian women come out of unhealthy relationships, stop attracting toxic unavailable men and heal from your past, so you can finally find your person & build a healthy, happy, God-centred relationship



Empowered Dating Club

My 1:1 coaching program is designed to take you through a slow, thoughtful and fruitful process of healing, self-discovery and finding joy, with faith as the golden foundation.

I walk by you as we befriend all your feelings, get to the core of YOU and do some solid work right there. You will leave with a healed heart, Firm footsteps, glowing skin and an unshakeable confidence in who you are- Talk about real healing, yeah?

I’m not here to teach you techniques, or sciences. Because you’ll find that on the internet… and mainly because they don’t hold you at the center of it all.

This, right here, is ALL about you. Because you deserve to heal in a way that feels like you. I meet you where you’re at in your life’s season and together, we invite Jesus to sit with us in this pain. And before you know it, Jesus will plant flowers in all the muddy places of your heart.

It starts with a choice- to go after the fairytale God has for you. If I could do it, you can too. Do you dare to leap with faith? 

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