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Why I started blogging

I’ll be honest with you. And I’ll get straight to the point. I never chose blogging. Blogging chose me. Wait. Let me rephrase that: Jesus chose Blogging for me. 

I’ve always been the kind of girl with multiple interests. I usually tire of what I do after a while. Not one to stick around. Maybe that’s why I am never able to clearly choose what I want to study in College. Indecisiveness stands firm. 

Multiple interests.

Sometimes, I want to be cooking for Ritz Carlton. Other times, I want to be discovering statues on the seabed. I want to be selfless. Like Mother Teresa. I also want to be the owner of an eight figure business.

“Life is weird”, I tell myself. “Or maybe I just like knowing I have options”. Options that prove some consumer behavior law from economics. Options that won’t let me settle down with ONE thing. 

This has been the situation for centuries, by the way. As life comes, I keep exploring and dipping my toes to see if I really am meant to do something. 

I tried so many different things…

I went to a short film festival once. I went to art class, participated in a painting and crafts contest and tried to sing. I was supposed to graduate in mass communication. Then I thought it would be good to go to aviation school instead. Later, I moved to literature. I figured I could be a wedding photographer and planner for a bit. Then, I almost went to hotel school (a story for another time) and so on…

All these things felt fancy in itself. No doubt about that. But somehow, picturing myself in that place never felt right. It has never been complete. 

Maybe someday I’ll see a tiny golden line passing through all these interests of mine. But life can’t wait, right? 

Some things stayed constant all throughout.

One thing that stayed constant throughout though, was my love for language and communication. I was the person that people came to for advice. I deemed myself worthy of solving problems, making my friends less negative and giving them a little love! 

According to sources, (mom and dad) I was telling my classmates in kindergarten class not to cry. It was our first day of playschool… absurd!

So I’ve got that going. Oh and did I mention I like to write? I started out with writing philosophical poems about life. I wrote poems and letters about my crush (dark secret alert). I wrote essays for kids who were too cool for school homework. They never gave me anything in return, but I enjoyed every minute. I remember zoning out in the middle of a noisy classroom only to write my heart out. 

Fast forward to 2019:

The amount of people on Instagram exploded and new ‘content creators’ were emerging every day. When I was exposed to this, I wondered what it exactly was. I remember asking questions like,

“Do they get paid for everything they post to Instagram?”

“Maybe it has to do with the fact that half of the human race is a fan of theirs.”

I honestly thought people donated money to YouTubers. Nevertheless, these superstitions cleared themselves over time and I got to know more. When I discovered that blogging isn’t about only Instagram, I was so happy. I decided to add my poetries to a WordPress account. But it never happened then. I wasn’t tech savvy enough back then. 

A happy accident.

Until one sunny day when I enrolled for a computer class. And like good customers who buy more than they came for, I ended up joining another class- Web design. 

Learning to handle a computer outside of the computer period in school (which happened for 20 minutes a week) was weird. Especially when I, a 17 year old was surrounded by 14 year old computer wizards. 

“It’s never too late to learn!” said the immature teenager. 

From learning keyboard commands to writing articles to promoting them, I slowly taught myself. It took me a whole year to role-play the life of an actual blogger and see if it works for me. 

And now, I’ve finally made the move! There was fear and doubt. “What will my friends say when they think of me as an ‘influencer’? Here’s how I see it.

The real stuff.

I’m not here to partner with Daniel Wellington and give you 20% off on your first purchase. Maybe it will happen with time. But that is definitely not what drives me. 

What drives me is this-

There are so many young people out there, asking for the love of a classmate, a Colleague or even a stranger. When really, all they need is Jesus. So many teenagers are getting into alcoholism and other detrimental vices just to fit in. To feel loved and to feel a sense of belonging. 

Little young girls are hating themselves for not having the perfect body, when really, there is no such thing. Endless girls hating their bodies, their families and their God-given lives. So many young people face abuse, physically, mentally.

So many people are wanting to hang from a ceiling fan only because they have no one to talk to. People are suffering from depression, guilt, wrong beliefs and mindsets, broken families, broken lives. People are suffering from the lack of Jesus. 

People are suffering from the lack of Jesus

I don’t plan to spam the internet with bible verses. I don’t want to be a psychotic evangelist. I’m not going after Christian jargon. I’m not interested in debating with people who say God doesn’t exist. 

I want to give love. The same love that I receive from Jesus every day. I want to be a friend. A friend to all my girls who are daughters of the Most High God, just like I am. I want to offer a nonjudgmental, open and listening ear to anyone who is struggling. I want to pray for everyone who needs help. 

My goal is to make Jesus viral. 

I can see God leading me to this endeavor like a father leads the path for His daughter who’s still learning to walk.

I’m not sure if this blog will make it big like Wall Street Journal. I might fail miserably with this endeavor. I know very little about SEO and all those big words. I don’t know if I’ll gain a huge readership for this. I don’t know if huge brands would ever want to sponsor me. Maybe I won’t make one paisa off of this blog. 

But that’s okay. I’m just here to make my offer to the world. Rather, I’m just a little middleman in between you and your God. He wants to come into your life. Even if it’s through the frail words I write. 

I believe that you are legendary. You’re a frickin gem and I’m only here to mix that booming potential of yours with Jesus. So, together, we can reveal your epicness and fashion you into the person you are meant to be!

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Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

1 PETER 4: 10

Were you able to relate to my story? Leave a comment and let me know. Have a great week, y’all!! Sending much love to you.


  • Candida

    Okayyyyyyyyyy thvh I’m emo now 😭😭😭😭this write up has touched my heart on a very personal and emotional note❤️❤️❤️ girl, you are a angel sent from heaven you’re a chosen one to deliver Jesus’s messages through your writings. I’m not at all surprised 😍❤️❤️ because ik you have received a beautiful gift already from up above the the beautiful sky which is beyond and biggest than money and stuff. Kudos keep on writing and also thank you for giving me that little portion of motivation. Lots of love and support 😘😘 love you judes

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