Judas. “The traitor”, you’d say at once. He was Judas Iscariot, a disciple. An apostle chosen by none other than Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Judas was a silent killer. He walked with Jesus, and also became worthy of the very trustworthy position: treasurer of the team. He asked questions, went out to pray, witnessed all the miracles, and was part of the three yearlong ministry. But then, he killed Jesus. For thirty pieces of silver.

Judas, by all means, is a Traitor, isn’t he? Is he? 

How would you know? Was Judas really a traitor for killing Jesus for just thirty pieces of silver?

I think Judas wasn’t a traitor.

Or maybe He was the traitor. But that doesn’t really matter. I’ll tell you why! 

When Judas first joined the ministry of Jesus with a call to discipleship, he never planned the kiss. He never planned to plot with Caiaphas and his father-in-law. He did not mean to crucify Jesus. Judas would not even think of it. The guy joined Jesus, because maybe there was hope. Hope of a better life, a luxurious lifestyle, a relaxed atmosphere and hope to be at the right hand side of God- the Messiah. It was as simple as any other human tendency. Just like a tendency we all possess. 

Judas roamed the cities, the villages and lanes with Jesus. He was not ashamed to be seen in public with the Lord Jesus. He didn’t mind getting teased a tiny bit and he was in fact, proud to be part of the new mob, travelling from place to place, partaking and witnessing miracles and healing of all kinds! It must’ve been such an adventure in itself. He was more than overjoyed to be there, to be chosen by Jesus. 

Then, he got promoted. Now, he was more than a disciple. He was the treasurer. Judas was so efficient and accurate that they all agree to have him be the treasurer of the team. He would be in charge of everything money and dollars. Well, denarii and shekels! 

Everything was going good. But then…

Was it at this time that he got hungry for the money? Did he get greedy with the sounds of coins? Was he expecting to have a share of the money? Just like we all expect the little extra cheese from mom, if we help making the pizza, don’t we? Judas was human too! 

Maybe, Judas was in great disappointment at the time. He probably expected Jesus to enter the jewelry shop and buy everything in sight. Or enter Starbucks and sponsor coffee for the preaching session! And then buy new robes for the disciples from H&M. And maybe drive back to Jerusalem and back with a BMW. But that did not happen. Judas saw nothing good in the situation.

We’re all a traitor like Judas at some point

We can very clearly identify ourselves in this situation and let’s face it: that is how we feel almost all the time. We seek luxury and comfort, and maybe we don’t tend to be inclined towards getting hurt or getting out of that “comfort zone”.

So, maybe Judas wasn’t all that bad. He was human. With human desires, human attitudes, human reasoning and human expectations.

But you’d still say, I know for sure that if you were in Judas’ place, you wouldn’t have gone all that far. You would have maybe just screamed and yelled and stamped feet for not getting what you want but you’d surely never hand over Jesus to something so dangerously magnanimous, so hugely treacherous.

So think about this: the last time you yelled at your mother because she didn’t understand how the computer works. Or because you spoke something to dad out of anger which you can’t take back and it feels terrible because now he’s hurt terribly and the silence kills you. The screaming is just as much as the betrayal was. It’s almost the same and you eventually lose all the blessings that come with obeying parents, so it’s probably even worse…

We’re all Judas at some point in our lives. But it’s the struggle to not do it all the time. It’s all about trying not to feel agitated and upset, even if the situations permit. It is about choosing to love somebody you don’t relate with, someone who doesn’t agree with you. 

It is the choice, the conscious choice we make each day to not be a victim of our impulses, but doers of our faith in God.

It is the choice, the conscious choice we make each day to not be a victim of our impulses, but doers of our faith in God. Click To Tweet

It’s not easy. That’s why Judas betrayed Jesus, in spite of his goodness. It’s contrary, but it is true. 

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