The Ex-Factor

For the woman who usually has it pretty neat,
but somehow lost track of her heart and got hurt.

Did I scare him away? Am I loving too hard?

Is it too much to expect commitment and loyalty?

I can’t stop thinking about him. Will I ever be happy again?

Sounds like your latest rant?

If you said yes, I got you. You’re in the right place. 

Hi. I’m Judith.

I’m a heartbreak and relationship coach. I help ambitious women get over the pain of their breakup and move on without any baggage.

Why do I do this? Because I believe empowerment comes from healing wounds, not hiding them. And I want to see a tribe of exuberant women who put their heart into long-lasting relationships without carrying baggage from a stupid old break-up. 

Ready to stop being obsessed with your ex? Come join me. Let’s get down to business and put a smile on your face again.

I put together this program because I see so many women, just like you, going through rough times, all while having absolutely no idea what to do to feel better. I am here to offer you support, encouragement, tough love (when need be) and everything else in between because I want to see you thrive, happy and loved.

Stop thinking about him & start thinking about someone more important- YOU. 

This program is for you if:

What should I expect in this program?

A tried and tested step-by-step program designed to bring you joy

If you’re an action-taker woman, you know how important it is to have a plan on paper.

That’s why, I’ve designed a step-by-step procedure, sure to bring you a life of joy and love again.

24 x 7 chat support

If you think I’ll let you off the hook after a session with me, that’s not happening. Sorry!

I’m always connected with my gang so that we can support each other throughout the week.

(And who knows, I might also be to talk you out of obsessively texting your ex)

A 60- 90 minute call per week

Weekly live zoom calls where I teach about different topics in the course. Get live guidance, ask questions so that you can take full advantage of the program.

Worksheets, exercises, guides and home work to do during the week

What makes an alpha woman most happy? ACHIEVEMENTS!

Leave every call with a solid plan to implement during the week. Not to mention the home work, exercises and resources to get the best value. Receive feedback on all your work and grow with everything you do!

Judith is a sweet, warm and trust-worthy person and I knew from the first day that I was safe in her hands. The results have been astonishing. My confidence has soared, not only in my relationships, but just about every area of my life. She is a great coach. We're practically best friends now.
Ria Sebastian
working professional

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