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    YOU- a poem about God

    This is a poem I wrote on one of my difficult nights back in 2019. I couldn’t be more troubled. My plans were collapsing one after another. I knew I needed to trust God. My head knew that God was in control. But my heart was so troubled, so afraid. That’s when I woke up and began to write. I poured my heart out to God and wrote a poem to convince myself of the faith I desperately needed to hold on to. Today I am taking you back in time- 2019. My old self. The part of me that thought trusting God was scary. I had a plan- 100%…

Disney gal, high achiever, hallmark movies fanatic, psychology nerd, swiftie, your to-be BFF, and importantly,  A Passionately Catholic, Jesus loving boss babe with a God-given fairytale to live out. I help high-achieving, family focused Christian Boss Babes- just like you, recover from your break-up and actually use it to rebuild yourself. When I’m not leading precious women into their healing, you can find me feasting on Indian food, watching a Hallmark movie or blasting Taylor Swift in the bathroom.