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    I’m so angry at my ex. What should I do? (5 steps)

    Anger is such a normal (and common) response for women after a breakup, especially if you were fully invested, got cheated or had to face a sense of injustice. I’ve heard this over and over from my clients- “I’m so angry at my ex. What do I do?” Well, sister. read on to find out why anger is common, acceptable, AND how you can deal with it wisely. Now who doesn’t know that feeling, amiright? Days and months after my breakup, I experienced so much anger. There were days when I missed my ex and wanted him to come back. Other days, all I wanted was to scream violently for…

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    How to Stop Checking your Ex’s Social Media

    Without a doubt, I feel you. At this point, digging into Jake’s Instagram photos from 2017 seems more profitable than a gold mine. You just can’t stop. Not that you want to keep doing it, though. You’ve obviously tried to stop. You don’t want to feel miserable looking at his happy stories. He’s out there enjoying his Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. Nobody would guess you two broke up from his posts. He just doesn’t seem to care, does he? You probably also googled “How to Stop Checking your Ex’s Social Media” and this came up. Sigh no more, this break-up fairy’s got your back! When I broke up, I…

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