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    9 Mistakes to avoid while trying to fix your sleep schedule

    I always say that Good productivity comes from Good rest. And what better way to rest than get cozy under the covers, right? Studies say that humans sleep for 26 years of our lives. As much as that horrifies me, I am far from giving up that dear bed of mine and of course, my precious sleep. But, don’t believe me if I say that my sleep is restful. I often wake up tired, drowsy and often with aches in my body. This weird occurrence is common to most students, millennial adults and nomophobics (yes, Google that) given the circumstance where we look at screens for 6 plus hours a…

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    8 Reasons you should avoid vulgar pop music

    We’ve all been there. A friend recommends a new pop song to you. You listen to it and the next thing you know- You’re obsessed with it. You play it on repeat for days and wouldn’t listen to anything else. Until, of course- there’s another song that’s even catchier. But, I’m sure you didn’t check out what the song is about or what are they actually singing, or what meaning are they providing, right? Is that entertainment really worth? But, as long as pop music makes you feel good, you don’t care- right? It certainly doesn’t matter if pop comes with a generous filling of vulgarity, right? It is okay…

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