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    8 Ways to keep your peace in the midst of a conflict

    At least one or two, if not all of the people we encounter, are usually angry and deeply irritated. For reasons unknown. Part of being a daughter of God and learning to love has been this- keeping calm and silent, even in the midst of anger and chaos. So, today, I’m going to be throwing light on this: How to keep your peace and calm, in a negative situation, in the midst of a conflict. With the not-so-loved arrival of an almost yearlong pandemic and the fact that most people are very expressive with their negative emotions, life inside a one-bedroom apartment can get really messy.  The plot consists of…

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    7 Christian YouTubers you should be watching

    Last week, I came across a very unfamiliar term. GAMOPHIBIA – fear of marriage. I thought to myself: “Why would anyone be afraid of marriage?” “You get to wear a designer wedding dress, go to your dream destination for your honeymoon, have sex, play with the babies, read them bedtime tales and grow old with the high school sweetheart you married. What’s not to like?” I know. I know I’m being unrealistic. Marriage is difficult. Given the world we live in, it’s quite easy, I would say, to have a fear of marriage. Broken families, divorce, extramarital affairs, financial problems, family complications- everything is a mess. It’s sad, but it’s…

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