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    A Christmas Reflection: St. Joseph

    The joy of being a father is, in much sense, similar to the joy of being a mother. This tantalizing sensation that tells you of your responsibility of another human being, a whole new individual. It brings much joy and anticipation. This anticipation, I like to think, is similar to the kind we feel as we engage in the season of Advent. There is a deep sense of an anticipated arrival- grand and unexplainable.  Joseph, the father of Jesus- I usually wonder what character he possesses. Apart from the nativity of Jesus and a few occasions that followed, Joseph doesn’t make an appearance.  I wonder… Did he feel the same…

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    I wrote a poem about Christmas

    I wrote this piece of art at 1:00 A.M. one night when something very random urged me to get out of bed and write. I didn’t know what I was writing, but 5 minutes in, these words were on my phone. I believe God uses our talents to impact this world with His message and His unconditional love. Just like He did with me, to communicate to this world the REAL MEANING of CHRISTMAS. A poem written by me: Christmas is…   Christmas is not about winter,Or a snowy, mountain shack.Christmas is about a loving God,Who gave His life to win us back. It is not about the pretty mistletoes.Neither…

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