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I want to make you feel worthy, loved and cared for. 


1:1 Personal Coaching

Heartbreak and relationship issues can be very sensitive and sometimes, difficult to talk about. It can feel uncomfortable, I get it.

That’s why, I provide a safe space where no one judges you for anything. Heart to heart talks, 1:1. Just you and me, no one else.

Let your emotions out, be who you are without feeling awkward and find real support with me.

Here's how I can help you!


Intensive sessions

A one time only, personalized session, tailormade to fit exactly what you need.


The Ex Factor

A 3 month program to get over your ex, move on and bring the ball back into your court.



A 5 month program with premium features to get over him, heal your heart and level up

Ready to take control of your breakup situation and work it for good? Book a FREE 30 minute call and let’s chat!

Everything begins with an action.
Take your action today

Not sure if this is for you?

Fair enough! My personal mantra: Go into something only when the vibes feel right. 

If you will, let’s fix a 30-45 minute virtual date with you! Questions, queries- ask away and see if this is what you’re looking for!