Fancy a quiz? Answer a few questions and get a Bible passage to pray with and study in your particular season! In your pain, let Scripture be your soothing help. 

A place of deep joy, and simply being at peace in the Lord  A place where you feel safe, loved, nudged towards growth

A place where you don’t wake up sad and don’t cry yourself to sleep. A place where you are healed and free  

 A place where you don’t have to beg for acceptance, warmth, validation, commitment and love from a man who can’t love you right

 A place where you finally let go & open your heart to God’s plans for your romance.

imagine a

That’s kinda what my 1:1 coaching program is like. 

Except, there’s no wand. We actually do the work.

Do more than just ‘move on’

because it’s more than just a guy problem

A broken relationship is just that- broken. You broke up because the relationship was dysfunctional. If everything was great, you would have been at the altar in your wedding dress, not in your bed scrolling through a break-up coach’s website.

Dysfunctional, destructive relationships damage you- because you were opening up, getting vulnerable and real in this relationship and now that connection is lost. It’s bound to hurt you.

But after my breakup, I realized that there was more than ‘an ex’ I needed to get over. So many parts of me I needed to work on. 

So much baggage I needed to get rid of. So much healing I needed. And suddenly, my problem was more than just a darling ex.


So often, you dig a hole, bury the pain as deep as you can and  “drink” or “smoke” or “work” it away. You try to ‘feel better’. You attempt a ‘think positive’ mantra. But, your heart still hurts. 

The deep feeling of being unwanted, fear of rejection, abandonment and loneliness never really dies. It casts wounds that sometimes last your whole life. And worse, it reflects in your romantic relationships. 

 it stops you from going after your fairytale. You stop hoping for the healthy relationship God wants to give you. You believe that there aren’t any good men out there, that it’s all bad and “Maybe I’m never going to find my person ”. You settle. You think this is all there is. You tolerate bad behaviour, fall into a cycle of babysitting emotionally unavailable men.  

Your breakup brings up all of the little foxes that are secretly eating up your vineyard. Suddenly, your unhealthy patterns of people-pleasing, childhood trauma, unreleased hurt are all surfacing. And this big elephant in the room really needs to be addressed. Forgive my animal puns, but this is WILD.

And if you choose to, you can change your narrative. You so deserve to heal, revive and blossom into the most glowing, confident and classy woman you know. You deserve your fairytale, don’t you think? 

join me inside…



Judith is wonderful and sweet. She allowed me to connect to my inner self and understand patterns I never noticed before. 

I had so many ah-ha moments in our time together and she has inspired me to be the real me- to learn to love myself and embrace my needs. Throughout our sessions, I was healing and now I’m ready to go out there and conquer the world.” 

- Rotem (Israel)

A tried and tested step-by-step program designed to help you level up

All the Boss Babes know how important it is to have a plan in place. My program is a step-by-step, structured procedure, sure to bring you a life of joy and love again.

That way, we’re not shooting in the dark.

24 x 7 chat support with yours truly

Let you off the hook after a session? That’s not happening. Sorry! I like to be present in all the progress you’re making!

I’m a serious hype woman- always connected with my gang so that you feel supported and handheld. Every new milestone you reach, we celebrate together!

1:1 Live coaching sessions

6 months of 1:1 personalized coaching sessions that meets you wherever you’re at in your season and fits your unique needs. 

This is your safe place to open up, be vulnerable and go deep within. All done with faith as the golden foundation.

More fun than fun exercises, worksheets, and intentional activities

What makes a Boss Babe most happy? Little ACHIEVEMENTS!

Leave every call with a solid plan to implement. Resources & extra guides to get the best value. Receive feedback on all your work and grow with everything you do! Anything for that cheeky little achiever that you are!

6 months to a
completely new YOU

At the end of this program...


Judith made me feel seen and heard. Her skills are astounding, she is very compassionate and kind. She helped me put things into perspective. I realized that I’m in control of my healing and that it doesn’t depend on anybody else.

By giving me actual steps, actual tools I can work with, she made my healing process so much easier and so much more bearable.

- Flavia (Romania)

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Got some questions? Book your FREE call and ask away! My personal rule of thumb: if it don’t feel right, it ain’t right!! 

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