You got: Psalm 131

hey sis,

Isn't that beautiful to know that God is in charge of your romance?

You like having things planned and predictable, at least the big, important things. Uncertainty brings fear and doubt, and you don’t exactly like that. But uncertainty also brings infinite possibilities… anything can happen. All it takes is trust. Psalm 131 speaks about trusting God quietly.

Quiet trust makes you and God work like an A team. You both coordinate to make miracles happen. There is no “where are you, God?” drama involved. You trust the Lord. You never doubt your teammate. No matter what it may seem like, you know that your teammate is doing something Wow-worthy.

Isn’t that beautiful to know God is in charge of your romance? That even in the stillness of your season, you are walking full-speed towards the beauty God has for you?

Read “On Quiet Trust”: a blog post about trusting in God silently even when you’re absolutely clueless and it feels like God’s not working…

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