If you’ve noticed me basking me in my element, you know I’ve got a phone, a person and some cute random flower bush. Not to mention the widest grin that scares for a second right there. So basically, when I’m not reading or writing or praying or cleaning or eating or sleeping, I’m probably dragging people out of their homes into an aesthetic background whilst convincing them that their pictures won’t suck anymore. And of course, there are lucky days when people ask me to take a picture of them, and it is so beautiful.

But it was not always this way. Let’s start from the beginning. My love for taking pictures of beautiful things came genetically. Thanks Mom and Dad. There’s no other way your favorite blogger girl could be crazy for something as common as photography.

My mother would take pictures of my dad sitting on the rocks in Goa. She’d take pictures of my dad eating bananas on the sands in Goa. She’d take pictures of my dad in a sassy pose by some graveyard wall in Goa.

When my mom got pregnant and took pictures, I bet I was doing the peace signs from inside! As I grew, my parents would take pictures of me on my birthdays and fancy dress events all with a camera that needed a roll. The photographer usually developed the photos in a studio for about a week. It’s a joy to have those old albums.

In 2011, we got a new digital camera- a point and shoot one. I was completely bedazzled by this and took pictures of everyone and everything I thought would become memories in the years to come. Of course, the quality wasn’t super, but I was bonkers in love with being the photographer of the squad. I didn’t know anything, but the thought of capturing people biting into their burgers with a mouth wide open, sudden laughs at the dining table, hair tosses from the breeze on the seashore had me captivated. I could not let moments pass until they made it into my camera.

What’s most interesting is that, I started learning to see everything with a more detailed eye and with a more grateful, wonder filled heart. I paid more attention to blue skies, brown eyes, sunsets, farmers ploughing with bullocks, grains of sand, butterflies, grandmas plucking flowers at dawn, ripples in the water and the wrinkles, smiles and eyes of other people. I couldn’t be happier.

In 2015, I made a new nerd friend at school. This guy at the time owned a tablet, which, if you know, was such a cool thing to have at school. He taught me much about photography and also was my critic when required. Thanks homeboy.

My parents gave me a smartphone after grade 10. After Instagram came into existence, I started getting better by looking at other creators and watching YouTube tutorials. I would go to unfamiliar places and take pictures of silly things like rocks or stones, grass, the veins on a leaf, the sunset, dewdrops on a blade of grass and everything in between. Somehow, i had fun and would do all this only because they would come in focus and everything else would blur out. I would be on top of the world.

Also, by this time I had started to look pretty good in photographs. Thanks to puberty for hitting me at the right time, which by the way, did not comprise of acne. So, I even started taking portraits of myself.

I was basically living a happily ever after until Xiaomi kicked in with its portrait mode feature. Luckily enough, a friend who got a new xiaomi phone had mercy on me and would lend me her phone. I also tried making friends who had iOs devices, but that didn’t really work out well.

Eventually, portrait mode did launch into Motorola, but my phone was too old a dog to learn new tricks. I was overjoyed after my parents got new phones that had the portrait mode,. That’s what I use to take pictures up until now.

I’m no pro. I haven’t taken any real photography lessons. Don’t know anything about real cameras and I’m uncertain. I only have raw passion.

But what I’m saying is, we don’t always choose our set of talents and passions. We all can’t do the same things either. But if you love something, be realistic about it. Don’t ever let it stay buried and unused. Pursue it. God gave you that talent for a reason and it would be very rude not to show it to the world.

So, the next time you want to post your dance video to Tiktok, do it! Don’t think of all your friends who would tease you. Use your time to do what you like doing the most. Do justice to your God-given awesomeness!

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.