Welcome to my Signature Coaching Program


Alpas is a Filipino word I happen to love dearly.

It means: to become free or break loose. I chose this word because that’s exactly what happens in here- Alpas. You are set free. Free to be who you are truly meant to be.

Free from any baggage, old patterns, hurt and pain, memories that keep coming up…

Come, experience true alpas with your heartbreak coach, Judith.

After I went through a breakup, I realized that there was more than ‘a heartbreak’ I needed to heal from. 

There were other things that I was bringing into my relationships which hurt me. 

So many parts of me I needed to work on. So much baggage I needed to get rid of…

You feel me? That means, you're in the right place!

What am I gettting?

My Signature HCL method

Get access to my HCL method to create change that lasts for life. Change the way you see yourself, relationships and love. Heal and become a transformed person. 

60- 90 minute live coaching sessions

Get 1:1 personalized coaching via 60 – 90 minute zoom calls per week for 3 months. A fully personalized, safe and non-judgement space for you to heal and thrive.

Worksheets & Exercises

I like to support my clients even beyond weekly calls. That’s why, we do fun action tasks throughout the week and I make sure they’re killing it. 

Lifetimes access to my resources

If you’re investing here, I want to ensure it benefits you for life. Get lifetime access to all my resources, guides and other materials.

Accountability Partner

Humans are more likely to do something if they have someone to be accountable to. I’m out here, digging your wins on a daily basis, making sure you win and build the life you want!

24 x 7 message support

I want to make you feel as supported and handheld as I can.  So, I check on you everyday and you can find support from me whenever you need anything. 

Topics we cover:

and tons more…

3 months of 1:1 coaching to bring out the hidden you. Get over the pain, heal and build yourself up, stronger this time.  

3 months of pampering, working on yourself, loving & caring for yourself. It’s going to be a blast. 

I’m ready to take you on this life-changing rollercoaster. 

Are you?

Did you just say “I’m interested, but I’m not sure”?

Gotcha! Come join me for a quick 30 minute call and see if this is what you want.

This program is for you if:

It will feel uncomfortable in the start. Taking a step for yourself might seem weird and crazy, even. You’ve never prioritized this part of yourself before…

But do it nonetheless. You deserve to heal.

Ready to take the step, but got some questions?

Join me for a quick 30 minute call to see if this is right for you!

Sometimes, you just know that something is perfect for you.

Getting that vibe? As if this is what you’ve been waiting for? Join  the waiting list and be the first to receive updates, and of course, an early bird discount!!!

I want to see a society full of women who glow from the inside, who aren’t secretly hurting inside, who give love 

That’s why, I love seeing action takers. Women who take steps for themselves.  Are you one of those women?

See you on the other side!