You got:
Mark 10:46-52

hey sis,

Im'ma let you in on a secret:

The enemy hates YOU. 

He hates women, because God loves his daughters because we, just like him, are capable of bearing life. This is exactly why women are constantly under attack. Feminism, self-doubt, body image issues, extreme beauty standards… is all part of the plan.

So the next time you feel ugly, too fat, too loud, too anything, remind yourself- you are awesome, capable, enough, beautiful, loved and held. (Even if you don’t always feel like it). You are God’s precious baby girl and He’s crazy about you. 

Read Mark 10:46-52. Engage yourself in this Bible Study (FREE guide below) and find truth about your identity.

Download my simple Bible Study worksheet for Mark 10:46-52

Fill yourself in on the truth about your beauty and worth. Jesus loves you like no other.

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