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What if you used your morning cup of coffee to increase your productivity and train your brain for success-oriented behavior? This is the story of a love-hate relationship between me (a heavy-duty machine) and my dear cup of coffee, and how I used it to brew success and efficiency. 

Before I was adult enough to choose my morning drink, all my mornings were made of 3 chapatis (or, paav) and a tall glass of hot Horlicks milk. One day, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was too monotonous. That’s when my parents decided to become a little more flexible- Kellogg’s corn flakes it was. 


Desi parents, you know?

And then, coffee walked in.

Fast forward to the days when coffee, the universal language of love, became my favorite drink. I still had my large cup of hot milk (old habits die hard), but this time, it was Nescafé coffee powder. With every sip, I felt part of a worldwide movement, an adult organization, and the 5 AM legends. 

I loved how coffee made everything easier. It boosted my confidence and awakened my boss-girl DNA. I was riding the wave with coffee in my hand. It was- addictive. 

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One day, I had a genius idea.

“What if I used coffee to make me more productive and train my brain for success?” 


I decided to see if this would really work. (Hint: it did)

I did this in two different ways:

1. Reward and Punishment:

(operant conditioning)

No, I won’t take you through a psychology class. I promise!

By the theory of operant conditioning, any desired behavior can be manipulated by punishment or reward. If a person does what is good behavior, he is rewarded with something good. And, vice versa. 

So, on days that are productive and intentional, coffee is my reward. Other days, I deprive myself of coffee. This is to feel punishment. 

It’s all inside of the brain.

Whenever I do drink coffee, my brain associates coffee with positive behavior, a productive day and accurate time management. 

Without coffee, my brain will know that whiling away time, being lazy, etc. is not good and hence, shouldn’t be repeated. 

As simple as that.

If you’re going nuts at this point, I’d recommend watching this Ted video.

2. Cues and Hints.

(Classical Conditioning)

Due to step 1, my brain already knows that coffee is a friend of productivity and efficiency.  

So, I took it further. 

Classical conditioning is a way of associating certain reward with the desired behavior, almost making it autopilot behavior. 

For Example, when a bell rings, a dog is given food. Few days later, the ringing of the bell itself is enough for his brain to know that now, food will be served. 

Same for me.

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When I drink coffee in the morning, that day is a day of productivity, getting things done and having the right mindset. 

Over a few weeks, my brain picked up that whenever I drink coffee, I have many boxes to tick and lots of challenges to have fun with.  Now when I drink my morning coffee, my brain automatically is trained to feel powerful, strong and ready for hardcore levels of work. 

You seeing the math? I used coffee to be my productivity BFF. But you can use anything you can. 

It's all inside of the mind. That's where the game is. Click To Tweet

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Remember: It’s all inside of the mind. That’s where the game is.

Make the best of what you have. You have Jesus, and there’s no way you’ll get anything less than the best when you have Him.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

2 Timothy 1:7
Make the best of what you have. You have Jesus, and there's no way you'll get anything less than the best when you have Him. Click To Tweet

Coffee beans and carrot cake- Judith <3