How I pray for my future husband

You hope to find the right person in your life someday. Someone who can share your dreams, passions. Somebody with whom you can build a beautiful family. Somebody who is tall, cute, enthusiastic and loving. Someone you can be funny and silly with, someone you can watch your favorite shows with, someone with whom you can be yourself. I know. Because I hope the same things too. But it wasn’t until recently when I learned how important it is to combine hope with prayer. So, this is how I pray for my future husband. (And you should too!)

How many times have I thought (and dreamed) about sharing my dream house with a guy called “husband”? Undoubtedly a few hundred thousand times.

How many times have I prayed for him? Maybe 2?

*awkward silence*

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As I coach women out of heartbreak into their dream relationship, I am only led to have a deeper understanding of how dear human relationships are to God. I never understood it before (especially considering how I was anti-marriage at one point in my life).

The marketing and media world has clearly taken its toll on this whole dynamic, though. With pornography at the click of a button, newer modern plans existing to destroy the idea of family, and sexual references slipping more generously into “family content”, it’s so easy for us to stop seeing the real purpose of love and marriage.

But does that stop the hope?

Does that stop us from pursuing our deepest God-given desire?

Clearly, no.

God knows the beautiful desires of our hearts- because he planted them there. What a shame if we didn’t let these desires lead us to the purpose God has for us.

If you desire for a godly relationship, not only hope and work for it, but also pray for your husband. In a 21st century world of ‘inclusivity’ and you know what else, it takes everything for a Godly man to stand strong and keep firm faith. So, he could definitely use some extra prayers. And besides, who doesn’t need prayers?

When I put myself in the shoes of a man, I can imagine how tough of a fight it must be. To stand strong, hold on to faith, keep his head straight, make a living, be a protector and a provider. It takes guts to do that. It truly takes guts to be a man that God desires.

And so, just imagine what a silent prayer a day from your hopeful heart could do for your husband.

Wouldn’t it be nice if his future wife helped out a bit by saying a few silent prayers?

praying for my future husband

Here’s a handy list you can refer to when you pray for your future husband.

#1. When you pray for your future husband: Pray for his career

If you’re like me, you’re dating with the end goal in mind- in other words, A Godly marriage and a Godly family. Which, of course takes resources and effort to build up.

Pray for your future husband’s career. Chances are, he will be the one, alongside God, to provide for your family.

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Pray that his career decisions are the ones that align with God’s plan. Furthermore, pray for clarity, stability and joy at his workplace. Pray also for good co-workers, good bosses and a healthy, peaceful working environment- one that builds character and encourages growth.

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#2. When you pray for your future husband: Pray for his current temptations

You’re a woman. Of course you know all those tiktok trends that go around. Immodesty and indecent dressing only increases in an attempt to eradicate ‘purity culture’. It’s never easy to be unwavering in purity. We all fall at some point. And we need others to guard us.

Even so, pray that your husband has the right kind of friends to influence him. Pray for all the men and women around him. Pray for immense strength. Pray for his heart that yearns for true love, which by the way, is only found in God. Pray that God may guard your sweetheart from impurity in all forms. Pray that he may guard his heart and learn self-control. Finally, pray that he finds a community of like-minded men who encourage each other to live a holy life.

#3. When you pray for your future husband: Pray for him to follow the plans of God

Here’s the deal:

God has a plan for you. It fits exactly with your deepest needs and meets everything you were created to do. It’s perfect. So is God’s plan for your future husband. His life fits like a glove with your life and it is no accident.

“Keep calm and follow God’s plan”

Except it gets tricky when we want to follow the plan, but don’t know what exactly it is (there is no blueprint). Every step you take is a leap of faith and it’s scary and uncertain and that’s where the ‘keep calm’ comes in. Easy peasy.

My point: it’s not easy. But it is worth it. And very essential.

Pray that your future husband may be guided onto the right path, in every path of life. Pray for his obedience and surrender to god’s will. Pray that he will choose to follow the plan of God over his own desires; that he may be open and willing and accepting of God’s guidance. Remember: his actions now will determine what he will be in the future. Small things matter more than we think. Pray for the little things, and the big things.

#4. When you pray for your future husband: Pray for his health

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This one’s obvious. Pray for a strong charming man with them six packs.

kidding 🙂

It takes strength, wisdom and health to be your best self in a relationship. Pray for safe-guarding from substance abuse and other physical ailments. Pray for good health (which is a blessing from the Lord). Pray your future husband will honor his body and be a good steward of it.

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

1 Corinthians 6:19 & 20

#5. When you pray for your future husband: Pray for resilience and maturity

A sign of a strong man is his emotional strength and his ability to handle difficult situations nicely. It is difficult to sustain a relationship with anybody who cannot handle conflict well. Snapping, yelling and reacting are easier to do, but not right.

So, ray that your husband develops an “Us vs. the problem” attitude. Pray for emotional maturity. Pray that God may bless him with strong faith during problems and uncertainties. Pray that he may bounce back and also learn to take mature leaps of faith with God’s grace.

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#6. When you pray for your future husband: Pray for him to grow with healthy masculinity

We have tons of toxic masculinity in Hollywood, Bollywood and tollywood. We don’t need more of it.
What we do need is more manly men who are natural leaders for their families. More men who treat women with respect and kindness and pursue purpose instead of an immature autopilot behavior.

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Pray that your husband grows in Godly virtues, firm in faith and scripture. Finally, pray that he learns true masculinity after God. Pray for the right role models of manliness and leadership.

#7. When you pray for your future husband: Pray for blessings & success in his work

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Responsible men take pride in providing for and protecting their families. Which is why his work matters.

It is so beautiful to see men pursuing ideas and causes that God has placed on their hearts. Whether it is digging a swimming pool, starting a business or going to school to learn something he is passionate about. It matters and it is part of the grand plan. Nothing is too small.

So, pray for it. If it is the will of God, it will sustain and flourish. Ask God to bless his endeavor and for the right things to sustain.

#8. Pray for his relationship with his parents and family

Like it or not, our family relationships become the frame of reference for all other relationships. How we treat members of our home is exactly how we treat our spouses after the honeymoon phase. He will treat you the way he treats his existing family.

Pray for solid family relationships in your future husband’s family. Pray for peace, joy and abundance. Pray that conflicts may be resolved and their family may become one that reflects God’s love.

#9. When you pray for your future husband: Pray for the right mentors

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People become like the people around them. Pray that your future husband finds the right mentors at the right time. Pray for wisdom in the different seasons he goes through.

No matter where you are in life, pray expectantly for what you want. And trust and hope in the Lord. Know that your life is going exactly according to the divine plans of God. Know that whatever happens, God will never stop doing good to you.

Keep praying. And when the time is right…

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Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18


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