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Hey friend! I’m a Jesus-loving, NLP certified life coach who loves to see dreams become reality! Years ago, I went through my own share of pain.

My breakup left me with no option but to turn to God, and to look within. I am witness to the beauty that God paints even in the midst of pain. I want to be part of your life as you heal, grow and bloom into God’s design for you.

Fight for your fairytale is my 1:1 signature coaching program for women who want to do more than just “move on”. 

Your breakup hurts badly, sure. But it also points to all the different areas of you that need to be addressed. Like, your self-image, fear of rejection or loneliness, childhood trauma, or your relationship with God. With FFYF, you have the choice to use your breakup to heal, renew yourself and become emotionally available to the plans God has for your love life

This program is for high achieving, Christian women who are going through a breakup. You want to not only find healing, but also upgrade and build yourself after your breakup in a way that brings joy, mindfulness, and intentionality. 

SO MUCH. The program is customized to meet your unique needs, but here is a gist that could help:

  • Learn what to do with your big emotions, negative thoughts and attachment to your ex

    Come out of your miserable slump and experience happiness again

    Learn how to deal with pain, loneliness, rejection, guilt and other deep emotions

    Ditch your ex’s narrative of who you are. Rebuild your self-esteem and confidence again. 

    Find your identity in our Lord. Take a glimpse of the plans and ways He has for you- and let that set your soul on fire. 

    Become emotionally available and make space for your dream relationship 

    Overcome loneliness by building a relationship with yourself

    Step into power by shifting your mindset and routine

FFYF is not another online course. I offer 1:1 live online coaching sessions over 6 months (which is the duration of the program)

Real deep conversations, questions that spark thought, aha moments and radical mindset shifts, faith-centered coaching is where its at!

I make sure we’re besties and I know you WELL before we begin the work. This means, a short onboarding process. Contact me- Send an email or simply shoot me a DM on Instagram. And we’ll get started right away

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