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    How I pray for my future husband

    You hope to find the right person in your life someday. Someone who can share your dreams, passions. Somebody with whom you can build a beautiful family. Somebody who is tall, cute, enthusiastic and loving. Someone you can be funny and silly with, someone you can watch your favorite shows with, someone with whom you can be yourself. I know. Because I hope the same things too. But it wasn’t until recently when I learned how important it is to combine hope with prayer. So, this is how I pray for my future husband. (And you should too!) How many times have I thought (and dreamed) about sharing my dream…

  • Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    9 Journal prompts to help you find your love language

    Is love the same to everybody? Do we all feel, express and give love in the same way? What makes some couples different from other couples? Why are some couples always hugging and kissing, while other couples take a hike to the Hollywood sign, or buy expensive gifts for each other? Let’s hunt for answers, as we ever seek to better our relationships in this space. Love languages come into play almost every day in our relationships. When we understand how we give and feel love, we can love better. Here are 9 Journal prompts or questions to help you find your unique loving style aka love language. Love is…