• Productivity

    The #1 skill you’ll need to succeed at anything

    How many times in our life do we start gardening, cooking, embroidering, learning Spanish, salsa or yoga, and then stop and give up within, say, a month’s time? We lack the skill of consistency so bad, don’t we? I have an answer to that: Many, many times.  And it’s not just you. I’m the exact same. I’ve been wanting to write this exact blog post for 2 weeks and I never really finished it. In fact, more than 80% of our world’s population is like that- constantly starting something new and thrilling on an impulse and never really completing anything. Why are we like this? Why do most human beings find…

  • Productivity

    21 Habits all happy people have in common

    We live in spaces that kill happiness. And sometimes, we create those spaces in our head for ourselves. It’s just really difficult to get at something when you’re legit feeling low-key. Especially when the happiness dies because of the mindsets we have. We say our jobs, college majors, school friends don’t make us happy because actually, we don’t know what it is to be happy. So, I feel like we need to talk about certain habits or mindsets that HAPPY people have. Like, face it – we’ve all secretly wondered about that one friend who just won’t frown at all. Well, your girl’s spilling the tea this evening! 1- They…

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