About the Author

Hey Sis!

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Judith, a productivity loving, 19 year old who’s mission is to empower the females of our millennial generation to live life to their full potential with the help of a sustained relationship with Jesus!

Just like other 19 year-olds, I love pasta with lots of cheese. (But nothing is better than Vada-pav). My favorite place in the world is Italy. Or Disneyland. I love laughing hard and taking photos for the gram! I’m an introvert, an avid reader and oh, I’m probably the only millennial out there who doesn’t drink coffee everyday. 

I was brought up in the values of the Catholic Church and I can say that I’m deeply connected to the spiritual side of things. I LOVE talking about my faith.

Although I’m new to the blogging world, I’ve been writing my heart out since middle school.

Speaking of school- wanna hear a story? 

Transitioning into a teenager wasn’t cakewalk for me. I experienced a lot of difficult emotions. I’m guessing you did too. Boyfriend problems, feeling left out at school, low grades, poor mental health, wardrobe malfunctions, sad songs, negativity- all that ugly stuff. 

The breakthrough didn’t come until I graduated from senior high school and decided to take a gap year. I tapped into the power of my Faith and realized I could overcome all these things that are so common to all of us and almost seem unavoidable. 

I am slowly turning the best years of my life from being miserable to being magnificent! 

To be honest, we all need help with navigating around as millennials, even though very few people talk about it. 

So, here I am- Your BFF and cheerleader on our way to living a beautiful life one day at a time! 

I believe that you are legendary! Yes, you! You’re a frickin gem and I’m only here to mix that booming potential of yours with Jesus. So, together, we can reveal your epicness and fashion you into the person you are meant to be!

It is my deepest ambition that every young person who comes across my blog is moved closer to the heart of Jesus. I want us to be together on this path of purposeful living! 

And maybe. Just maybe. Someday, we’ll remember who we were before the world decided to weigh us down with unnecessary crap. 

Stay in the know for posts on productivity, lifestyle and Faith.

See you around Sis!