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What’s Up, girl?

It's Judith

Your go-to person when that extremely charming boyfriend of yours tells you that “it’s over”.

Heartbreak Coach. Writer. Psychology nerd. Hopeless romantic. Disney gal. Huge Hallmark movie buff. Indian Street Food enthusiast. Swiftie. Dreamer. Achiever. Most importantly, a precious daughter of the Most High. And your to-be BFF


OK FINE, I admit it-

I wasn't always this obsessed with break-up stories and sad songs...

But I know exactly where you are.  Because I was you, not a long time ago.

You feel stuck. There’s mixed emotion. It hurts so bad and you wonder if the pain will ever stop. Every night is hard, the days are sad and miserable. You can’t stop thinking about him. It’s sad because you just lost the intimacy and closeness- you wonder if you’ll ever find that again. “Thinking Positively” doesn’t really work. You feel rejected, alone, unworthy and shameful. You’re grappling with fear, this deep uncertainty about your future. You wonder if he’ll ever come back…

Yep. That was me. 100%

My Story

I was exactly where you are now.  With swollen eyes and a bad dating history of goons and boys who’d talk about anything but commitment. My break-up did exactly that- It broke me. I was forced to face my darkest truths and look my ugliest fears straight in the eye. And boy oh boy did it hurt. In the words of someone very wise, “Losing him was blue like I’d never known” 

I was madly in love. I even knew what flowers I’d have at our wedding. Until the day when he felt like we shouldn’t see each other anymore. It was bad. I felt addicted to my ex- nothing felt better than the idea of getting back with him. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. 

Moving on was like, seriously, unfathomable (or so I thought). It hurt me every time I looked up his social media and saw how much fun he was having. Like, I wasn’t a priority at all. I wanted to get out of bed, laugh,  go out with my friends and feel joy again, but it was such a far flung idea. 

I wanted to put an end to the crying, the constant overthinking, loneliness, the feelings. But I didn’t know where to start. I felt like I had lost myself in the relationship and I couldn’t remember who I was anymore.

Years later, here I am-  Feeling better than I ever have, happy, glowing, thriving, standing firmly because of my identity in Jesus

And along the way…

Here's what I came to understand:


Here's the thing, sis

  • In the big wide world of modern dating, you’ll find a lot of Joe’s worth settling for. A little love, a long paragraphs only to manipulate, mixed with some ghosting, breadcrumbing, and almost breaking up… only to patch up later and say ‘i won’t do it again’ 
  • Stay and hope he’lll change? Now, That is one crappy assignment that God didn’t ask you to undertake. 
  • Instead, this is your invitation to heal the parts of you that crave toxic men. We’ll allow god to enter into your past, scour your childhood, and become the healthiest, prettiest version of yourself.  So that you can find your “ cuddles and waffles on Sunday morning” forever.  Don’t settle. Everything you want is on the other side of your healing. 

1:1 Coaching program


THE PLACE for women who want to do more than just “move on”

My 1:1 coaching program is tailored (or dare I say taylor-ed) to bring healthy healing because I know you don’t want to carry that pain into your fairytale. We both know you deserve better.

I walk by you as we befriend all your feelings, get to the core of YOU and do some solid work right there. You will leave with a healed heart, Firm footsteps, glowing skin and an unshakeable confidence in who you are- Talk about real healing, yeah?


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“Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later.” – Romans 8:18