My sister is apparently, the hugest fan of Peppa Pig. If you’re not a fan, Peppa Pig is a British animation cartoon series. It has been brought up for little toddlers

My sister is apparently, the hugest fan of Peppa Pig. If you’re not a fan, Peppa Pig is a British animation cartoon series. It has been brought up for little toddlers, and some unusual teenagers who like to think of themselves as toddlers (aka, me.) I’ve become a recent enthusiast and I wish I lived in Peppa’s little world already. Accompanying my baby sister with her TV time, I got familiar with the characters and that’s how, I’ll be sharing 8 practical family values and lessons from the family of Peppa Pig.

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1. Communication

It is said that the greatest sign of love for a person is the desire to communicate with them. Talking/conversing in your families is of utmost value. If you don’t talk, there is, in no way any medium left for a relationship to flourish. It’s almost as if you’re cutting the veins that bring in blood which in turn, bring life to the body. Peppa and her family are always talking.

2. Kindness:

This was exactly the first thing that struck me while I watched the cartoon series. Contrary to our sarcastic and almost hurting tone (which we assume is okay and funny and think of it as pure, lovable, teasing), we can learn that being kind is a habit. It is learned by the children and further carried by them into their human interactions. Speak politely to everyone in your family. The children learn to obey and respect their parents and grandparents because of the kindness that flows in the family. 21st century kids need to learn this so bad!!

Father and daughter watching TV together

3. Be watchful of your words:

We so often release the consciousness of choosing the right words when it comes to family and friends. Peppa uses words like Please, Thank you, and other gentlemen speaking ethics way too often. She knows that her parents, and her little brother George, is the most priceless treasure she possesses. And in no way is she hurting them because of the TV remote, or a fancier dress or costlier shoes or only to win a trivial argument. She understands the impact that words have and she chooses to be wise with that.

4. Equal chores:

Whilst comparing our societal households to this pig family, I find it amusing and in a way, controversial, that Mummy pig and Daddy pig do all the work together and distribute equally. If Mummy pig is working on her computer, you will see Daddy pig cutting vegetables in their adorable, little kitchen. Even their children help tidy the place or water the plants. Thanks to the producer team.

I think it is so old-fashioned that only the mother works around the house all day while daddy and the children keep themselves entertained in studies, TV, work from office or social media. I think you need to stop staring at your screen right now and go help your mom cook dinner.

5. Dinner time:


Peppa and her family always sit together at their dining table. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner together there always. They don’t watch TV while eating. Their mom and dad sit and talk and giggle and laugh with their children. It is such an essential aspect because that time of togetherness builds up and creates bonds the TV cannot make. Use the table for strong relationships in your family. As the saying goes, ‘A family that eats together, stays together.’

6. Obedience and respect for parents:

Peppa and her brother always obey their parents. They be kind and ask a ‘why’ if, according to their reasoning, an instruction seems irrational. When they realize the purpose of instruction, they obey. Sometimes they do not realize the purpose of instruction. But nonetheless, they still obey. The Catholic Church teaches children to dutifully obey their parents, not only as their duty, but as a source for claiming the promise of abundant blessings from God himself, and a long life.

Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, so that your days may be long and that it may go well with you in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

Deuteronomy 5:16

7. Lots of quality time:

Time is an asset. You invest it in something you want to see become better and flourished. Spend more time with your family. Peppa’s parents often go to the carnival, the beach, the recycle station, the gas station, the market, etc. It is important to give your time to building quality relationships. Peppa’s parents don’t whine and bury their head deeper into their phones or newspapers when asked to play. Instead, they make time to engage in the silly games that their children play. They realize that this is not about the game, but the child. Here’s a nice list of ideas to spend quality family time. Click here to read

8. Try and keep a balance:

This little pig family, to me is the perfect example of a balanced life. They very easily seem to ‘have it all.’ The thin line of balance of work, play, family and friends, cleanliness, and love is very effortlessly maintained. It’s not as easy, but a balance is something everyone should strive for in the family and in personal lives.

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What else do you think makes family a better place?