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7 Christian YouTubers you should be watching

Last week, I came across a very unfamiliar term. GAMOPHIBIA – fear of marriage. I thought to myself:

“Why would anyone be afraid of marriage?”

“You get to wear a designer wedding dress, go to your dream destination for your honeymoon, have sex, play with the babies, read them bedtime tales and grow old with the high school sweetheart you married. What’s not to like?”

I know. I know I’m being unrealistic. Marriage is difficult. Given the world we live in, it’s quite easy, I would say, to have a fear of marriage. Broken families, divorce, extramarital affairs, financial problems, family complications- everything is a mess. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

Want to know a secret- I might have GAMOPHIBIA too. Just a little bit. As teenagers, we all do, right? We all tend to have this fear of commitment and marriage. The thought of staying with ONE person for the rest of our lives feels like prison.

But, let me tell you another truth: There couldn’t be anything more beautiful than a marriage rooted in the values of Jesus. If done the holy way, marriage can turn into something amazing. It’s just that, our society just never taps into that kind of potential.

There couldn't be anything more beautiful than a marriage rooted in the values of Jesus Click To Tweet

That’s why, I wanted to introduce you to my favorite Christian Youtubers who vlog as a couple/family.
It really amazes me how these people pursue family life the Christian way. I love how they actively teach faith to their kids and make an impact, even in the course of raising a big family.

1. Jess and Gabriel Conte.

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times. Jess and Gabriel are my absolute favorite couple. I love the way they allow each other to pursue their dreams, and remain best friends even after three years of marriage. They just know each other so well. Jessica, for me is a role model too because of the way she talks and thinks.I wish I could third wheel with them. Let’s go Jessriel fam. Check them on YouTube “here”

2. Chad and Tori Masters.

Chad and Tori are friends with Jess and Gabriel and that’s how I got acquainted with their channel. And I must say, they’re my ideals. The duo has an amazing story of how they got together and they both continue to live Christian faith in their married life. There are videos where they talk about how they got together, discerned and relied on Jesus for their relationship. Which is amazing.

Tori actually has the hashtag #marriageisthebest on all her Instagram posts and I am stunned by that!! She replies to my comments on her IG and they’re both so adorable. You have to check them out “here”

3. Earl family Vlogs.

I’m telling you. It might seem intimidating and nauseating at first, but they are the sweetest family. They have two cute babies and I love how authentic they are. Pregnancy, labor pains and everything. The videos might be a little too naive and long sometimes, but that’s okay. Go check them out for some family adventures. My favorite is the one where Rachel announces her pregnancy to her husband. Click “here” to check their YouTube out.

Click “here” to watch the Pregnancy announcement video. Its so precious. I mean, that’s how our Christian way of living is supposed to be, right?

4. The Moore the Merrier:

This couple has 5 messy kids and they are living a super amazing life. I love the quality of their video content. There might be content that goes a little outside of our interests here, but that’s not a problem. They really do have a lot of fun, despite having 5 babies on their hands. I adore them for thier reliance on God and taking one day at a time. Check their YouTube “here

5. Nate and Sutton.

I love them for their love for Jesus and for each other. They radiate what it is like to be married with Jesus in the middle of everything. Nate and Sutton also have evangelistic videos aside from regular family vlogging videos and there’s a lot to soak up about dating advice, singleness and more. Enough said. Go check their YouTube “here”

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6. Chelsea and Nick Hurst.

Another sweetheart couple I love for their Christian way of dating and everything. Chelsea and Nick are a more laid-back, millenial couple who usually do fun YouTube trends, but Jesus just shines through their videos and I love how adorable they are! Find them “here”

7. The Ballinger family:

I love this family for the real, raw happenings they show. The Jesus values show up from the way their children relate with each other and it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen. They usually vlog their days of homeschooling or a normal fun day at home, but I love that’s it is different from other normal YouTube stuff. I so badly wish I’ll have something like they have someday. And when you watch them, you’ll dream of your marriage too! Check them “here”

Love and marriage is nothing like what we see in pop music videos. It is a lot of work. But, if you’re going to quit responding to your call only because it’s not easy, that won’t be right.

We become like the people we surround ourselves with. Click To Tweet

We become like the people we surround ourselves with. After switching from immodest, fancy girls to Christian creators, I’ve learned better what kind of life we as Christians are supposed to live. I am encouraged to be vocal about my God more, and to love and accept my family the way it is.

I hope watching this kind of content on YouTube will help you capture the vision God has, for family. And if you’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by family, try and make it a better place.

“Let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth.”

1 John 3:18.

Do you have a favorite Youtuber? Put them down in the comments. (Don’t say Mumbiker Nikhil)

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