21 Habits all happy people have in common

We live in spaces that kill happiness. And sometimes, we create those spaces in our head for ourselves. It’s just really difficult to get at something when you’re legit feeling low-key. Especially when the happiness dies because of the mindsets we have. We say our jobs, college majors, school friends don’t make us happy because actually, we don’t know what it is to be happy. So, I feel like we need to talk about certain habits or mindsets that HAPPY people have. Like, face it – we’ve all secretly wondered about that one friend who just won’t frown at all. Well, your girl’s spilling the tea this evening!

1- They pray EVERY DAY

I must say, there is something about doing something every day, emphasizing on the ‘everyday’. You see, when we pray, we give hurts, awkwardness (for clumsy aunties like me), embarrassments, failures to Jesus and He in turn, fills us with love, joy, peace and perspective. He’s never gonna get tired of you complaining about your emotions. It is a secret way of letting it all go.

2- They sleep it real nice

Successful, happy people always wake up with shiny eyes every morning. They don’t let blue light from cold screens mess with their health. Somehow, they are smart about this. They complete all their work just in time without feeling exhaustion or even winking. As they say, if you want to smile, you’ve got to sleep!

3- They drink water

This is a global problem and of course, happy people reminders to gulp down liquid. Happy people know that <drinking water reduces stress and increases efficiency>

4- They eat well

People who eat more whole food are obviously going to feel better about themselves for looking younger, feeling lighter and more energetic and in turn, are happy. A happy mind doesn’t live in a body that feeds on junk.

5- They get out of the house

These people know that being in sync with nature aligns us closer to God and His purpose, so they go out. They watch the sun, feel the breeze, and admire the freshly flowers. Happy people choose not to confine themselves to a couch potato lifestyle. They exercise and walk around. For a while, they lose themselves into creation.

6- They clean their house

Scientifically, living in a clutter makes you feel all confused and unclear. People who know how to be happy do their laundry, wash the dishes, make the bed and end up feeling more accomplished and cleaner. 

7- They spend time doing what they like

I realize not all of us are going to end up as Private Island caretakers. So I don’t advise you to find a career that you truly love and enjoy because I totally suck at that. But, people who truly are happy are those who value time. So, you won’t find these people binge watching and binge eating and binge fat-and-calorie-collecting. They instead paint pebbles, bake cookies, mix acids and bases, plant bamboo, sing in the shower, stitch or read. Happiness comes from doing little things like these because we feed the interests that God put inside of us.

8- They have time for family and friends

Have you seen foolish workaholics say that they don’t have enough time? I have. Smart and happy people know how to prioritize and make it a point to build good, long term relationships in their family and with friends. Happy people have fewer friends but quality over quantity, missy!

Family spending time together

9- They make time for personal growth

According to Robin Sharma, an hour a day must be dedicated to personal growth. People who are achievers and eventually happy, do this. It is important to evaluate your faults, strengths, and improve on yourself. Happy people learn new things every day from books, podcasts, and meditation and prayer. Reading the BIBLE during this time of silent growth would be my most recommended activity.

10- They stress on self-care

Happy people often go out on dates. Alone? Well, of course- they’re single. And that’s why they’re happy in the first place?! Just kidding, but these people appreciate themselves and do little expensive somethings for themselves. Cutting nails, a good sweet-smelling bath, a haircut, new shoes or a cup of coffee at a cute coffee house (maybe not that expensive) that has jazz playing are ways of self-love and care. You cannot be happy if you don’t feel at home in your body, or if you don’t like the idea of who you’re becoming.


11- They take care of what enters their head

There’s something called ‘Junk Media’. When happy people watch TV, or series, or go through their social feeds, they don’t let explicit stuff, violence, negativity, horror or extreme perfectionism and dirt enter their minds. They realize that the mind is a garden and everything we watch is a seed we plant in there.

12-  They are kind and loving

You remember I said Jesus fills us with love? People who pray cannot be overly mean and rude and harsh whatsoever.  Yelling and cussing at people simply makes us feel uglier on the inside. Instead, let’s try to understand people rather than using cleverer comebacks whilst screaming louder than earlier in the fight. Our society needs to get less sarcastic and kinder.

13- They don’t judge or compare

We’re not a taraju in the bajaar. So, why compare? And let the judging be on the law students, please! Happy folks believe that everyone is different and beautiful and that we’re all too good to be compared with anyone else. 

14- They are good at forgiving

My younger sister has lovely bushy hair and I pull a handy bunch of that when we fight. But we get back together and she doesn’t remember I yanked her hair out a while ago. She forgives me when we’re done with the fight. Guess what? She can’t get enough of living everyday with pure joy. Forgive people who hurt you. It will lessen the burden and you won’t need to carry pending confessions all around.

15- They are expressive

These are people who, in a good way, vent out emotions – good or bad. They tell you that you hurt them. The kind of people who tell you when the custard’s yummy. They tell you when they loved the birthday present. Or hated it. They tell you that you look gorgeous when you get dressed for Christmas Mass. They thank you when you do something for them. These are the kind of people that dance to the music even on a crowded street. They are emotionally alive and sensitive. People who act by masks and fake their behavior cannot be happy.

16- They are disciplined

Everyone thinks eating pizza when you feel like it will bring happiness. But it only brings pleasure. And flabby arms too. Giving in to all your cravings is different from self-care and you have to draw the line. You have to train your mind for greater achievement and not for tiny pleasures. c” – said the happy man.

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17- They don’t rely on outward circumstances

Happy people aren’t Disney princesses who roam about in the sunny countryside kissing babies and plucking apples. They go to work, ride the local trains, give presentations, and get tired and feed families. But someone who wants to be happy beats the odds and is still happy. That’s because the source of happiness isn’t an external one. It comes from within. The happy people know that ‘this too shall pass’. They don’t let circumstances crush their spirit.

18- They set goals

Happy people are happy with themselves because they are satisfied achievers. They set goals and achieve them. They are not ‘vagabonding aimlessly, but in a good mood.’ Set your goals. Try your level best and see how happiness feels at the time of reward. Don’t limit yourself. Keep pushing through with the help of God.

19- They know how to stay positive

Learning to see the good in the worst of situations is an asset we all need to possess. Often, we have a ton of great things, but we choose to focus on the flaws. Happy people do it differently. They don’t cry at the pettiest of things all the time. They know that God has a plan and that everything, even the worst case scenarios will turn into good things because God is in control.

20- Their happiness doesn’t depend on THINGS

By the time, I learnt how to fully handle the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 10 was already out. We live in a fast world. But nonetheless, that does not seem to affect happy people. They don’t care even if they still have an iPhone 5. You don’t see these people greedily picking up boxes on Black Friday sale. They don’t even care if it’s the Great Indian Sale on Amazon. They don’t get jealous if a friend has more trendy clothes or a bigger number of friends on Facebook. Unfortunately these are stupid things we like to base our happiness upon. They keep fluctuating and so does our happiness.

21.They know they can’t be happy all the time

Even if the squad calls them Mr. happy pants, they know that it is not always possible to be amused at the beauty of life, the crunchiness of the waffles and the fortune of friends with perfect wives straight out of college. Also, you can’t smile at a funeral. These people do fall and break down occasionally. We all do. But getting up and started again is where most of us go wrong. It’s okay to not smile all the time. It is okay to break down in front of an audience. It is okay to cry like a baby when you feel like it. 

Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

I hope you have a happy week!

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