• Faith

    This is proof of why you need God

    You are reading proof of the fact that you need God in your life. Even though you might not admit it. We live in a world where everyone, deep within their hearts is on a search. It might not be as obvious, but believe me- it’s true. This is an intensely frantic search. We are all in need of someone to talk to, to make us feel special. Someone to really credit us for everything we do. Someone to back us up when we feel like quitting. And, we need someone to talk about our problems. And maybe even solve all our problems. Let’s just say we need a hero…

Disney gal, high achiever, hallmark movies fanatic, psychology nerd, swiftie, your to-be BFF, and importantly,  A Passionately Catholic, Jesus loving boss babe with a God-given fairytale to live out. I help high-achieving, family focused Christian Boss Babes- just like you, recover from your break-up and actually use it to rebuild yourself. When I’m not leading precious women into their healing, you can find me feasting on Indian food, watching a Hallmark movie or blasting Taylor Swift in the bathroom.